Happy staff are more productive and research shows less likely to suffer from stress related illness and low morale.

Focusing on specific topics for staff and business development, Laughter Workshops are a great way to break the ice and encourage staff to be more open and relaxed. By improving confidence and reducing inhibitions your team can allow themselves to participate in wider development.

teamEncouraging a more positive acceptance of change and making its implementation more effective.  Laughter Sessions can be incorporated into business seminars and conferences, giving your event a unique and interactive start with happy, relaxed and enthusiastic participants. Or at the very least bemused and intrigued!





Benefits include:

 Increased productivity and performance

 Improved communication and confidence

 More positive thinking and creatvity

 Improved morale and teamwork

 Reduced stress

 Reduced absence


Keep the laughter coming…  by making it a whole team effort on a regular basis! Employers and employees can all benefit so why not build on the success of a Laughter Workshop, by running a Laughter Club? Everyone needs a good giggle and if it builds the business its got to be a good thing.

All our workshops, sessions and clubs are tailored specifically to the clients’ needs and requirements so whatever your  aims and objectives we can deliver and price to suit.

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 You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation                                                                             Plato