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Thank you so much for coming along and running a Laughter ForHealth Workshop for our team of staff and volunteers – everyone had a fantastic time! Here are some comments collated from the evaluation forms:

“Made me laugh so hard my belly was sore!”

“Everyone joined in immediately.  The trainer was fantastic!”

“I learned to be kinder to myself and others and that laughter lightens my load”.

“Learned about using laughter to relax. Made me feel good and others around me.”

“All the laughing gave me a great feeling.”

“I learned that I can laugh at nothing – how good is that?!!”

“It’s easy to laugh and to feel good.  I was surprised by how many health benefits came from laughing.”

“Laughing is fun and relieves stress and you burn calories.  Laugh as much as possible!”

Carol-Anne Fordyce, Volunteer Co-ordinator


Leukaemia Care & Lymphoma Association National Patient & Carer Conference, Glasgow

Jo came to our Patient & Carer Conference in Glasgow and ended the day with a Laughter Workshop. A lot of the delegates were quite skeptical but once Jo started the entire room joined in and proved the point that fake laughter can turn into real laughter. It broke down barriers with people who had sat together all day and not spoken, all of a sudden they were laughing together. Seeing people leave the conference with a smile on their face was priceless.

Some of the feedback comments –

“ ! Fun ! ”

“A great ending to a great day”

“Wonderful way to end a good day – went home laughing”

“More enjoyable than anticipated”

“Excellent !!”

“Very different but excellent”

“Interesting and quite strange to know there is something called laughter yoga”

“Good illustration of how you think affecting how you feel and your physical body”

“A good positive ending”

“Really enjoyed this (just wish I had put a tena lady on!!)!”


“Really uplifting thoroughly enjoyed”

Nickey Bate, CARE Team Leader, Leukaemia CARE


Laughter Workshop – Carers of East Lothian Carers’ Support Group Christmas Event

Jo’s multi-sensorial, action packed, giggle inducing laughter workshop was a thoroughly enjoyable experience! A history of the health benefits of laughter was followed by a series of laughter exercises and yoga breathing, found to be suitable for all ages and abilities within our group. Some comments from group members included:-

“Relaxing after laughing so much and feeling good”

“I really enjoyed myself, it was excellent, we all had fun”

“Relaxed and happy”

“Feeling bright and happy…it has lowered stress levels”

Ruth Anderson, COEL Carer Support Group


Laughter Workshops at St George’s School For Girls Diversity Day

I came with my form class to Jo’s first laughter session for the Senior Girls and, I have to say, was a bit nervous! We had a great time. Jo was very informative to start with and guided us all gently into the exercises. By the end of the session, we were hysterically laughing as a group. It was a real bonding experience and what wonderful eye contact. Thank you so much for teaching us. With exam classes I think we’ll do some de-stressing with laughter yoga. Loved it. Well done.

Steph Hall, Teacher (Senior Girls), St George’s School For Girls


Laughter Workshop, Stepping Out Weekend

Jo conveys the theory of laughter therapy intelligently and logically. She designed her workshops sensitively and was able to develop a safe and supportive environment in which our participants could comfortably share and take part. I found it to be a heartening and life enhancing couple of hours!

Below are some comments from our carers who attended the Laughter for Health Workshop:


“A Stress Buster workshop”

“Energising yet relaxing at the same time”

“A real boost for my confidence”

“Singing, dancing, laughing, I feel like I’ve just been on a really good night out!”

Claudia Lang, Short-breaks Co-ordinator, Care for Carers


Care For Carers Laughter Workshop, Leith

I booked Jo to run a laughter workshop for a group of 12 carers who were attending a course called ‘Looking After Yourself’ and what a great decision it turned out to be!

From the moment the session started Jo set the tone perfectly and shared her knowledge and passion for laughter therapy expertly with the group. Everyone enjoyed learning the theory behind the ‘therapy’ and then took delight in practising the exercises.

This session was at the end of our course and although it was a great way to end on a ‘high’, it would also have been perfect at the start. The exercises facilitated natural ice-breakers and allowed people to have fun and get to know each other whilst benefiting from the therapeutic effects. All the feedback from the course evaluations were positive about the session and I would definitely include this topic in a health focused course again.

Madeleine Martin, Carer Co-ordinator, Edinburgh Community Health Partnership

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people” – Victor Borge

“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.” – Victor Hugo