The Science of Laughter

Why is laughter so important for our health?


A huge amount of research has been done looking into the health benefits of laughter. Some of its greatest pioneers include:


Norman Cousins – author of “Anatomy of An Illness (As Perceived by the Patient)” – diagnosed with a painful, degenerative, incurable condition he found that 10 minutes of “mirthful” laughter gave him 2 hours of pain free sleep – see Wikipedia profile and read more


Dr William Fry – Psychologist, Stanford University – the “Father of Gelotology” (the science of laughter) – read more about this research


Dr Lee Berk –  Psycho Neuro Immunlogist, Loma Linda University, California – 23 years of laughter studies – read more about his research


Dr Hunter “Patch” Adams – founder of the “Gesundheit! Institute” and the Therapeutic Clowning Movement in hospitals and brought to world wide attention by actor Robin Williams in the film ‘Patch Adams’- read more 


And of course our very own Jo Bluett as seen in the Independent on Sunday:

Laughter Inc: The Cheering Growth of the Chuckle Industry” – The Independent 16/06/13

Jo also appeared in Leukaemia Care’s Journey Magazine – click here (Page 11).

and on the  STV (Scottish Television) website – click here.


Research Links & Articles


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“The Stress Management and Health Benefits of Laughter – Health Benefits of Laughter:  Stress Relief, Immunity and More” by Elizabeth Scott, M.S., – Updated 18/06/12 (Previously Posted as “The Laughing Cure” 07/10/09)