We work with lots of community based organisations providing workshops and therapy for those people who through social or emotional circumstances find it particularly difficult to laugh at anything. It’s well documented that a really good giggle boosts health and well-being, reduces stress and makes challenges people face just a little bit more bearable.


Laughter brings people together, dispels anxiety and generates happiness. For those most at risk of social exclusion through illness, disability or economic isolation its a perfect way to be part of the human race and feel that you’re making a positive contribution.


Our Laughter Workshops are very popular, offering a truly bonding experience, even for groups who may have worked together before or existed for some time. They’ve proved especially effective with people who find it a challenge to engage with others and a real liberating experience for those who spend a lot of time alone.


We work with:


  Schools (pupils and teachers)
  Health Organisations
  Carer Groups
  Support Groups
  Health & Medical Centres
  Community Centres, Groups & Projects
  Senior Citizens
  Nursing Homes
  Gyms & Health Clubs
  Children’s Groups


Our clients include the NHS, Social Services and Education. We work to your budget and tailor-make our delivery according to your group or organisation’s needs.
This includes  Laughter Workshops and our smaller but equally perfectly formed Laughter Sessions.


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 “Attending Jo’s Laughter Workshops and Laughter Club makes me feel good – allows me to let my guard down and brings out the fun and playfulness in me – laughter really is the best medicine!”

Marion S